vegetarian burgers again

summary: vegetarian burgers revisited (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

vegetarian burgers We can’t stop making vegetarian burgers!

On one of the days we decided to have the burgers, we hadn’t presoaked any chickpeas. It turned out that wasn’t a problem.

edit 16:58 EDT: But adding less than 3 Tbsp flour was a problem. And making the patties just a little larger was a problem. One of the burgers (why only one of them??) kept wanting to break apart every time T turned it. Or even looked at it, thinking he might turn it.
The next time we tried it, we remembered that we had one of those basket affairs that are specifically designed for cooking burgers on the barbecue. (Duh. It hangs on the wall in the kitchen with the pots and pans. We see it every day.) Using it made a huge amount of difference. So did making the patties small enough so they would fit into the contraption.

Here’s what T did to revise our vegetarian burgers:

  • Wash the chickpeas. Put chickpeas in almost boiling water, cover and set aside on the counter for about 3 hours. This will soften them sufficiently for food processing. (Taste one to ensure it’s soft all the way through.)
  • For ½ c dried chickpeas, use 3 Tbsp flour and the tiniest pinch of cumin because you know you want to use cumin*:lalala: (If the pinch is small enough, it can’t be detected by someone with a cumin sensitive palate.)
  • Omit the oil from the chickpea mixture.
  • Form the patties edit: It’s a good idea to make the patties as thin as possible. and place them in a barbecue burger basket, if you have it. Brush the patties liberally with oil.

vegetarian burger recipe (use black beans, Romano beans and/or chickpeas)

These burgers really are good. So good that we’re having them again tonight with pita bread instead of hamburger buns (we’ve run out of hamburger buns). We’ll make the pita on the barbecue. And tonight’s vegetarian burgers are going to be a combination of chickpeas, kidney beans and black beans.

We’re not going to do onion rings this time, but there will be corn on the cob.

Mmmm!! I can’t wait. What would a Labour Day long weekend be without a barbecue?!

* My original “no cumin in the vegetarian burgers campaign” didn’t go over too well. I believe the words were, “You CAN’T taste the cumin. You’re just saying that because you know it’s there.” But the major reduction in the amount was much better and once I had all my toppings on my burger, I could not taste the cumin. (The only reason I knew it was there at all was because I tasted it the first time we had vegetarian burgers.)
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4 responses to “vegetarian burgers again

  1. Jeanne

    Sounds fantastic – I’m going to try this next time we have vegetarian guests at a barbecue. I’m sue you could use chickpea flor or similar for gluten-free vegetarians too?

    They are fantastic, Jeanne. And don’t wait til you have vegetarian guests! Even though we’re dedicated meat eaters,I really don’t think we’ll ever use ground meat for a burger again. I suppose that chickpea flour may be fine for gluten-free vegetarians but the trouble is that chickpea flour may not have the properties required for holding the patty together. You might have to add a small quantity of xanthan gum or guar gum as well. Not sure about this though. -Elizabeth

  2. tph

    Last night we made them again (third or fourth time? – I forget). Instead of just using just one kind of dried legume, I soaked some chickpeas with a good measure of kidney and black beans. The finished burgers looked even more like real meat. Tasted really good too. I’m thinking one could use just about any good bean in these veg burgers. E has dubbed them “Shamburgers”. I like that. :)

  3. MrsBrown

    We tried these tonight. Excellent except that I made them a little thick. Next time, I’ll make them thinner and with other beans as I thought they were a little pale.

  4. ejm Post author

    I know what you mean about the colour if they’re made with chickpeas alone, MrsBrown. And thanks for the reminder to put a note about making them thinner rather than thicker. We noticed that too. And it seems to be especially important if you use kidney and black beans.


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