Way to clean up Toronto!?

I’m not one to sign petitions. I’ve never really thought they had much effect. On the other hand, actual mail does speak volumes. I do think that Mayor Miller and Toronto City Council should be inundated with mail protesting against their latest proposal:

[…] to charge a municipal tax on beer, wine and spirits sold in the city. They are also considering taxes on movies, sports events, parking, billboards and tobacco. An afternoon at a ballgame just got way more expensive!

How much more expensive, you ask?

This new drink tax will cost you up to 10% more before sales taxes. The City’s own study estimates will cost an average of $140 per household each year.

This misguided tax will not only unduly tax Torontonians but it will have an adverse effect on tourism. Why would anyone choose to stay or dine in Toronto (with the 416 area code) when it is 10% less expensive to stay or dine in nearby neighbouring communities with lower taxes (with a 905 area code)? With the US and Canadian dollars coming closer in value, this will simply sweep Toronto clean… a clean empty core….

I urge all Torontonians (teetotallers too) to personally write to Mayor Miller with carbon copies to their counsellors. Please add your voices to those saying no to the drink tax. Time is of the essence. The decision will be made in June 2007.

If you are unwilling to take the time to write a personal letter to Mayor Miller and your councillor, there is was form-mail on the “Only You can stop the new drink tax” site.

  • Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association orhma.com/gr/new_gr/municipal.asp
  • Only You can stop the new drink tax (nodrinktax.ca)
  • Only You can stop the new drink tax – how you can help nodrinktax.ca/howyoucanhelp.htm
  • City of Toronto – contact Toronto Mayor David Miller toronto.ca/mayor_miller/contact.htm
  • Members of Toronto City Council 2006 – 2010 app.toronto.ca/im/council/councillors.jsp
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