We have the cleanest kitchen now

Vintage Vesuviana Electric Coffee MakerSummary: replacement gaskets for Vesuviana and other espresso coffee makers; how to make sure the kitchen floor, walls and ceiling get clean as a whistle;

gaskets Not long ago, I was bragging about our ingenious gasket fix (we rode our bikes all over Toronto searching for a replacement gasket) on our Vesuviana Espresso Maker. And how it didn’t leak at all.

Well. We started noticing that the slightly more expensive brand new (Giannina) gasket sometimes seated itself crookedly.

And then one time, the gasket suddenly moved over allowing steam to escape wildly. T quickly came to the rescue by unplugging the coffee maker before anything more could go wrong.

So T replaced the blue gasket with the less expensive (but still slightly wrongly sized) Faema gasket. And we thought we had everything under control.

I came home not long ago after leaving very early in the morning and being away all day.

E: Whoa! What’s with all those dark splatter marks on the clock?

T: Oh yeah. I must have missed it. The Vesuvian exploded today. There was coffee everywhere.

E: What a nightmare! Are you okay? Is the coffee maker okay?

T: Everything’s fine now. I put the old gasket back on and then spent all day cleaning the floor and the walls. There was coffee everywhere. EVERYWHERE…. Oops, look. I missed a spot up there close to the ceiling.

Yes, indeed, now the kitchen is absolutely sparkling. Wow. I can’t remember it being so clean.

The next day, T spent hours filing down the Faema gasket to be exactly the same size as the old gasket. And it is now seated perfectly.

(No, no. Of course there is no photographic evidence of the calamity, the perfectly filed gasket OR the cleanup.)

Vesuviana Electric Coffee Maker Thanks to a commenter on our YouTube video, yesterday we learned about orphanespresso.com’s Vesuviana Espresso Maker 3 Piece Seal Set that is available for a very reasonable price. We ordered a set and it is already on its way. Just in case.



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2 responses to “We have the cleanest kitchen now

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Ah, a clean kitchen … makes you think you should stop cooking/messing it up … hahaha, as if!

    Ha. Yes, MKIHC, it did cross our minds to just do all the cooking on the barbecue from now on. But the weather hasn’t been quite co-operative enough. -ejm

  2. Baking Soda

    Hmmm good times, when the 1 liter bottle of ketchup exploded; Heinz kitchen and ceiling! Enjoy yr clean kitchen with a nice cup of coffee, never tasted that good!


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