Event: Spice is Right #2 – What to do, what to do?!

My entry for the Spice is Right II: black pepper and strawberries

Event announcement

Barbara (Tigers and Strawberries) has set a very difficult task this month. Here is how to participate in The Spice is Right #2 – Sweet Or Savory?. The deadline for posts to be added to the roundup is 15 May, 2006 at midnight EDT.

Excerpt of Barbara’s rules:

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick a spice, that is usually used in your native culture (If you are American, you can decide what I mean by your native culture – if you are Italian-American or African-American, then you take the food culture you grew up with) as either a savory or a sweet spice. You explain how it is used in your culture, and then, turn it all around, and use the spice in the opposing fashion.

My Preliminary Notes for “Spice is Right#2”:

– fennel and pears? (something sweet…)
– fennel rye bread?
pepper and strawberries
red chili syrup?