Wild Shroves

summary: What to do with extra wild yeast starter; we treasure our Taylor Forbes cast-iron waffle iron; thank you, Mum!

Don’t forget to have shroves today!

sourdough waffle

Instead of making pancakes, we served our shroves in the form of waffles, adding some of our wild yeast starter to the batter. Of course we did!

And we threw in some pepitas too.

We served the waffles with beautifully smoky bacon. We couldn’t believe how light and crispy they were!


We also couldn’t believe how active the batter was. It has never wanted to escape from the iron this way! T pried off the pieces and put them into the bacon pan to finish cooking them. Oh. My. :-) :-) (Sorry, no photographic evidence of the bacon fried waffle pieces….)


T ate his waffles with butter and maple syrup. I decided to go agaisn’t tradition and had mine with butter, goat cheese and black currant jam.

sourdough waffle

The waffles were delicious! They were so delicious, we might have to break the rules and have shroves tomorrow too. And the next day too. And maybe the next….

We need to feed the starter. We’re going to run out….

These waffles were so delicious that they almost (almost being the key word here) made us forget that it’s snowing again. On top of the 20cm of snow and ice already on the ground, and the temperature is around -11C. It’s March….

Our Taylor-Forbes Waffle Iron

Taylor Forbes Waffle Iron Way back in the last century, at an antique sale in Edmonton, Mum found a sadly neglected stove-top cast-iron waffle iron “Taylor Forbes Ltd. Guelph Canada” c.1920s. She must have spent hours scrubbing off the rust and grime with steel wool and elbow grease before seasoning it well and giving it to us for Christmas. Not only is it an extremely attractive conversation piece, but it makes the best waffles. We always think of Mum when we use it and thank her again and again for her thoughtfulness and generosity.

The Taylor-Forbes Company was founded in Guelph in 1902 by John and Adam Taylor and George Forbes on the former site of Allan’s Mills on the east bank of the Speed River. […] The only hollow ware they were known to have made are waffle irons. The earliest known date from the beginning […] Somewhere between 1910 and 1914, Taylor Forbes changed the design on the waffle iron [to separate the iron from the stand and add the handle to the stand] […] According to old Ontario Sessional Papers, the year they changed the name to Taylor-Forbes LTD from Co. LTD is 1934. […] [A] waffle iron marked “Taylor-Forbes LTD” with no gap and no “CO” (company) would date 1934 to 1950 – when the foundry was sold.
Cast-iron Canada | Taylor-Forbes


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2 responses to “Wild Shroves

  1. barbara

    *screech* I forgot it was Shrove Tuesday today! Rats! Double rats! Yours look fab. Great idea to put pepitas in.

    Maybe all is not lost; you can use the Orthodox calendar, Barbara. Apparently Orthodox Lent starts on “Clean Monday”, 11 March, so you could have your shroves, and eat them too, on Sunday, 10 March. Don’t forget to add the pepitas! – Elizabeth

  2. barbara

    Too late! I didn’t notice you had responded. Whaaa! Having pancakes on another day just isn’t the same.

    Too bad!! I guess there’s no Daylight Saving Orthodox calendar that would allow you to have your shroves and eat them too…. (We managed to miss Pi Day this year. And we even know where our mittens are! :stomp: :stomp: ) – Elizabeth


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