win some – win some

Winter is approaching. Most of the leaves have fallen. I just turned off the outside water and brought the hose indoors. There has been a fair amount of snow north of us. But here the patio is still clear of snow and last week we took what might be the last opportunity for a while to smoke/barbecue a whole chicken that was rubbed with old bay spice mix. Besides, we had to make up for the 40 garlic clove chicken disaster.

We stir-fried beet tops in garlic and olive oil (rats, I bet a little fennel seed would have been good too – I guess I’ll just have to get more beets!) And we served couscous with Moroccan-style oil cured olives and preserved lemons. The couscous was perfect! No two to one proportions for us… we like our couscous to be fluffy and a little separate so we use one cup of stock to one cup of couscous grains. (We used some of the chicken stock from the cache in the freezer.)

Correction: That title should be Win some -win some – win some. The stock that was produced from those chicken bones was fabulous. We made the most brilliant yellow lentil soup with it.