winter and vegetables

Sometimes I find this time of year to be so tiresome. The available vegetables are getting tired. It’s cold. More snow is forecast and the beginning of March is just around the corner. Isn’t it supposed to be windy and somewhat springlike at the beginning of March?? (I know; I know; it’s still February. But it’s darn close to the end of February. And the forecast for tonight is 48 hours of snowfall.)

We buy Yukon Gold potatoes in 10 lb bags. Yesterday, we trudged in the cold to our favourite vegetable store to get a new bag of potatoes. They smelled okay (we always smell the bag to check for signs of mold) . When we got home, we started washing potatoes for mashed potatoes to go with one of my favourite chicken dishes – my grandmother-in-law’s chicken in wine. Well, rats! Half the potatoes had black bits inside the flesh and were soft. I think maybe they had been frozen…. But we managed to get rid of any bad bits and our dinner was stellar as usual.

This morning, T decided that he wanted to use this particular bag of potatoes as quickly as possible. We washed 5 or 6 potatoes, chopped away any black bits and out came our mandolin. In no time at all we had a nice mound of finely julienned potatoes. T mixed in a couple of tablespoons of flour so the potato slices were not glistening and kept separate. He beat the one egg we had left in the fridge with a little oil and added that to the potatoes. Then they went onto our hot grill (a little canola oil first). Amazingly, they stayed together and got beautifully golden. To make sure they cooked through, T inverted a sided cookie sheet over the grill. The potatoes were BRILLIANT! We had them with a little yoghurt on the side. Too bad we didn’t have any applesauce as well. Okay Okay I’ll stop complaining about the quality of the potatoes! So we have a few extra black bits that go into our composter. Big deal!

When we trekked to the vegetable store today, we saw bunches of asparagus for $1!! Did we get any? No. That just seems wrong to have an early summer vegetable when there is so much snow on the ground. Besides, we’re having pizza tonight. Who (in their right minds) would put aparagus on pizza??

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  1. ejm

    They work really well that way. Before, we used to rinse them like crazy after grating to remove as much starch as possible. But this way worked really well.

    We’re going to have them with grilled porkchops tonight. (inside grill – too much snow to grill outside)

    Hope you like the chicken in wine too. It’s pretty wonderful. I hope you like it!

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