Wish me luck….

Well, rats. Nothing like going away on a holiday and coming back to a “Be afraid! Be very afraid!!” message:

Right now there is a worm making its way around old, unpatched versions of WordPress. This particular worm, like many before it, is clever: it registers a user, uses a security bug (fixed earlier in the year) to allow evaluated code to be executed through the permalink structure, makes itself an admin, then uses JavaScript to hide itself when you look at users page, attempts to clean up after itself, then goes quiet so you never notice while it inserts hidden spam and malware into your old posts.

Okay okay!!! I give in! I’m now in the process of upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.

If all goes well, nobody will notice anything, but let’s get real. Chances are that all will not go well…. :lalala:

Sigh… I hate change.

edit a little later…. Thank goodness I’ve got the posts to show up. But the sidebar is still messed up. RATS. :stomp: (Fiddly dee dee, I’ll think about it later….)

edit 13 September 2009: Well. That was a bit of a nightmare. First I had to go through EVERY plugin to find out which one was causing ALL the posts to disappear.

Then all I had to do was deal with the bizarre sidebar that was showing all the links rather than single categories. By scouring the WordPress forums and googling, I finally found the answer here:

in 2.1 the post categories and link categories are merged in one single categories table, so they get renumbered.

Wow. I would never have guessed this!

I also would never have guessed that the coding itself would be changed! It turns out that this is the coding I should be using now in order to show only the links in the category now numbered 52. I thought I’d post the answer here too just in case there are others who have waited as long as I to upgrade from the legacy version.


(It used to be wp_get_links(14);) No wonder people hate upgrading!! What’s with changing the code completely? “get_links” seems just as good as “list_bookmarks” – not to mention that “get_links” is shorter. (Do you think the people who did the revamp on WordPress work for Microsoft?)

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1 response to “Wish me luck….

  1. Paz

    Luck! Keep up the good work.

    Paz ;-)

    edit 13 September 2009: Thank you, Paz! Your comment must have done the trick because almost all is back to normal now! :whoohoo: -Elizabeth (just can’t figure out why the smilie after your name didn’t get translated) test: ;-) ;)

    edit a few moments later: Aha!!! I found an extra space or two in the file for the smilies. Yay!! It’s done now. :-D (until the next upgrade. :-()


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