Wordless Not-Wednesday: Alien Pods

E E e e k !

fruit in the back garden
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fruit in the back garden

Run for the hills! Run for the hills! The triffids have landed!

summary: What IS that in our back garden???? – a Wordless Not-Wednesday post

Our next-door neighbour planted a Chocolate Vine (Akebia quinata) about 10 years ago on the other side of the fence. It grows profusely there along the top of the fence, displaying sprays of beautiful small coffee-coloured flowers in the spring. We’ve never noticed any fruit.

These pods suddenly appeared this year. They are allegedly edible.

I think maybe we’ll let the raccoons test it first.

The mild, viscous pulp of the soft fruit is eaten raw with lemons juice or pureed and made into a cream or a drink. It has a slight coconut milk flavor. Young shoots are used in salads or for salt pickling. The bitter skin of the fruit is fried and eaten and the leaves used as a tea substitute. The empty pod is stuffed and deep fried.
– Deane, Eat the Weeds, and other things, too | Chocolate Vine, Akebi


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