Almost Wordless Wednesday: Breakfast of Champions

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eggs Fauxrentine

summary: Breakfast of Champions, aka Eggs Fauxrentine (Hard boiled eggs with ham, Swiss Chard and Hollandaise on toasted Tartine bread (raised with our Jane Mason natural starter from July 2017, garnished with chives from the garden and tender Swiss chard stems); bacon – because everything goes well with bacon; an almost Wordless Wednesday post

Last weekend we played Symphonie Fantastique for our final PSO concert of the season. To save myself from driving back and forth on Friday AND Saturday (2+ hours on the highway each way), I was staying with friends who not only live relatively close to the concert hall but they also live about 5 minutes’ drive away from a farm where they barter/trade all of their vegetable compost in return for free-run organic chicken eggs.

Each morning, K makes “breakfast of champions” for herself and anyone who would like to join her. She stir-fries onions, red pepper and spinach, and then adds a fried farm-fresh egg.

It. Is. Delicious.

After our breakfast of champions, K and I went to the farm to pick some of the last of the Swiss Chard in the winter garden that is covered by a cloth roof – the farmer has told K to help herself; he is too busy with outdoor planting to take any of it right now.

When I got home, I couldn’t stop raving about the Breakfast of Champions. On Monday morning (a day off at last!), T made me his version of Breakfast of Champions. Wheeee! I wonder if K will start adding Hollandaise Sauce, ham, and bacon to her Breakfast of Champions now…. :-)

Spring has FINALLY sprung here! We have chives in the garden! Yesterday, I transplanted Swiss Chard seedlings into large pots behind the garage – the only part of our garden that gets sun.

I hope the chard starts growing quickly so we can have Breakfast of Champions again!

Eggs Fauxrentine


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