Wordless B&W Wednesday: ahhhhhh!




summary: Iced Coffee (click on images to see larger views and more photos)




Black and White Wednesday Black and White Wednesday – A Weekly Culinary Photo Event

Black and white food photos just don’t get any respect in my opinion. Everyone is so gung-ho about color, and while I cannot argue against the naturally sensuous and appetizing default qualities of color (after all, food is in color), there is something to be said about the unique tonality of monochrome photography, the sublime textures which can pop when a color-to-B/W conversion is finessed in your processing software. […] Participation couldn’t be easier. You don’t need a story nor a recipe nor a location. There will be no competing, curating, nor critiquing.

– Susan (The Well-Seasoned Cook), Black and White Wednesday – A Weekly Culinary Photo Event

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edit 1 September 2011: Apparently, there are objections to the sepia tones. It was an experiment…. I like them. But here they are in regular b&w:



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6 responses to “Wordless B&W Wednesday: ahhhhhh!

  1. Alessandra

    I guess it is coffee, I posted coffee this week for BWW, maybe is cocoa? I read the comment above mine (coke and milk?????? can that be possible???).

    If I’ll have time I will post a step by step mozzarella recipe at the end of the month, stay tuned :-).

    You are correct, Alessandra. It is coffee. The comment above yours was making a crack about the photo – implying that the sepia tone made it look like coke instead of coffee. -Elizabeth, who is really looking forward to learning about your step by step mozzarella method

  2. Susan

    Well, I like the sepia just fine (and as you know, I welcome them and cyanotype in the B/W mix for BWW) and put it up as it was meant to be in the gallery. Puzzling that someone would think cola would be brewed in a coffee pot. ;) Anyway, thanks for the great shot. Hope to see you again. :) (I’ve been catching up on last week’s commenting.)


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