Wordless B&W Wednesday: what do you call this??



summary: hand-embroidered linen serviette; is this knife for fish or butter? (click on images to see larger views)


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4 responses to “Wordless B&W Wednesday: what do you call this??

  1. Baking Soda

    Fish! Because of the pointy thing on the tip of the knife. That should/could be used to delicately remove -stray- fishbones. Butter knifes have a rounded tip.
    I think.

  2. ejm Post author

    We always called this knife a butter knife. And the security officer at the airport (please please don’t ask!!) called it a butter knife as well. But I recently saw a knife like this on an Antiques Road Show and it was called a “Fish Eater”.

    And now I’m inclined to think it’s a fish knife too. But I did not think it was the right time to open up the discussion with the Airport Security Officer and called the knife a butter knife as well.

    When we use it as a butter (or – eeeeek – cheese knife), I do hope the Fish Knife Police won’t come after me!

  3. Susan

    I vote for fish, too. Regardless, it’s a really funky knife with great sheen and details. Where did you buy it in your travels? It looks Indian or Middle Eastern. Very pretty. Thanks, Elizabeth, for your BWW shot!


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