Wordless Wednesday: Happy Canada Day!

Canadian Flag (canadasflagking.com)

Local Asparagus
Charsiu Pork
Charsiu Pork and Asparagus

summary: Happy Canada Day! still staying at home: local asparagus and charsiu pork; we are eating like emperor and empress; a Wordless Wednesday post

Thank you, Fanny, for the inspiration!

Here is Fanny’s way to make charsiu pork: She used “the meaty part of a plank of side ribs. I used the boney part for the Shanghainese braised ribs, so these meaty part shaved up for chasiu […that was…] marinate[d] with sugar, salt, black+white pepper and lee kum kee chasiu sauce for 2 days in fridge, then mini oven at 400? for 20mins, then broil for 5-10 minutes with honey glaze

[C]hasiu sauce is a specific mix, the red colour is not from food colouring but from a naturally red yeast rice in fermented curd called Nam Yu (southern curd as direct translation). […] This guy’s recipe is not bad, no need for chasiu sauce. Video has English subtitles. https://youtu.be/MR9juZ26rx4
– Fanny, FB, 17 June 2020

I asked if YouTube guy wasn’t using chasiu sauce if it wouldn’t be missing that special aroma.

Fanny replied “Yes it would! But at least he’s teaching all the side tips!

We were very excited to find charsiu sauce at our supermarket. (They may have had Nam Yu too, but we forgot to make a note of the name. Duh.)

What T did with the storebought charsiu sauce, along with salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger, was to marinate butterflied pork butt overnight (Fanny said two days but we were impatient) before barbecuing it over real charcoal…. He caramelized both sides at relatively high heat to seal in the juices, then switched to lower heat so the inside didn’t get overdone.

Too bad we didn’t think to get the camera out until after slicing the meat. It was beautifully caramelized by being barbecued over charcoal.

Thank you again, Fanny, for a wonderful new (to us) BBQ marinade! We used storebought Charsiu sauce this time, but for the next times, (because we used half a jar for just one piece of pork butt), we will make get hold of Nam Yu and make our own Charsiu Sauce. What could go wrong? :-) :-)




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