Wordless Not-Wednesday: Cats DO eat vegetables

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black cat with corn cobs
Black Cat with Corn Cobs
black cat with corn cobs
Ontario Sweet Corn
(probably last of this year’s harvest)

summary: thieving cat; breaking rules; corn off the cob;

We’ve recently discovered that it’s much more satisfying to eat corn off the cob….

Black Cat with Corn Cobs
September 2019
(this crazy cat is almost 8 years old)

We’ve also recently discovered that the fiendish black fiend’s diet isn’t confined to NOW Fresh™ dried cat food, butter (if he can manage to uncover the dish…), bacon rinds (if he’s lucky), raw spinach ends, and raw green beans!



Looking through our archives, it appears that this creature’s appetite is voracious and his tastes are eclectic. It all started in March 2012, with the theft of broccoli as we were cutting it up for our dinner. I am amazed that I didn’t post about this!

black cat eating broccoli
black cat eating broccoli
March 2012 (6 months old)

Over the months, he moved on to stealing spinach ends and asparagus stemas. But his personal (felinal??) favourite is green beans. He has been known to thunder down two flights of stairs – no matter what time of day – at the sound of the B word.

(Once he discovered green beans, he decided he didn’t care for broccoli any more.)

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1 response to “Wordless Not-Wednesday: Cats DO eat vegetables

  1. Patricia

    What is it about green beans?! Our old dog, Nicky, loved beans too. She would delicately take the offered bean between her teeth, move quietly backwards and then voraciously crunch away at the bean. After the bean was gone, she’d sidle up to me and look at me with her pools-of-chocolate eyes to request another bean. I almost always gave her one.

    Hmmm. Perhaps if the furry black fiend looked at us with pools-of-chocolate eyes, instead of loudly and incessantly squawling “more more more”, I’d be inclined to give him another bean too. And I definitely would have happily given more green beans to your old dog, Nicky. (Ha!! Now we have a new question for the cat-like creature when he is making too much noise: “Why can’t you be more like Nicky??” :-) ) – Elizabeth


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