Wordless Not-Wednesday: Clark’s Bread

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Clark's Bread: Molasses Fennel Rye
Clark's Bread: Molasses Fennel Rye
Clark's Bread

summary: J’adore chicken liver pâté with green pepper corns on Clark’s Bread! It’s perfect with lentil soup and salad (no photo of the soup and salad – we were too busy eating them).

Clark's Bread: Molasses Fennel Rye
Clark's Bread and Chicken Liver Pâté
Chicken Liver Pâté with Green Peppercorns


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2 responses to “Wordless Not-Wednesday: Clark’s Bread

  1. Clare Gordon

    Yum, your bread always inspires me to go and cook some myself. Last weekend I made a recipe from an American version of a Finnish cookbook from 1965 – Rye and potato bread (Perunalimppu). Amazingly malty flavour – we’ll be doing that one again.

    edit 25 March 2021, 18:31: That’s so cool. Thank you! Do make Clark’s bread, Clare! It’s so good.
    And, thank you for the reminder to make the limppu. In my case, it is a recipe for Omenalimppu (apple loaf) that I have had bookmarked for eons. There are no potatoes as in your Perunalimppu, but it does call for mämmimalltaita (mämmi flour – which I believe is made with malted rye??), apple sauce, and orange zest. My Finnish friend who gave me the recipe has not yet made it either; she has only eaten it in Finland at a wedding. She says it’s fabulous. Does your Finnish cookbook from 1965 have a recipe that sounds sort of like that?
    – Elizabeth

    1. Clare Gordon

      Bread with orange zest and apple sauce sounds amazing! No, there’s nothing like that in the book I have. This week’s triumph was nettle and chive bread. I’ve never cooked with nettles before but it was great.
      Sorry about slow replies – I’ve not had much time online recently.


      edit 14 April 2021, 11:39: Nettles and chives together sound great, Clare! But it never would have occurred to us to put them into bread. We’ve only had nettles as filling for ravioli (delicious!!). Spring is only just springing now – our chives are barely starting to appear; if the farmers’ markets are permitted to open in early May as they had planned, we’ll have to watch for nettles then. (I’ve never seen them at the vegetable stores.) – Elizabeth


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