Wordless Not-Wednesday: Dried Sour Red Cherries

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Festive July Dinner

summary: festive July dinner; oven-dried sour red cherries become sweet and intensely cherry-like – without any added sugar; to pit or not to pit (easier to not pit, and warn people to be careful); dried sour red sauce is fabulous on grilled chicken; local Asparagus, garden herbs, oven-roasted smashed potatoes, and chilled l’Orangerie rosé are the perfect accompaniments; little cat dishes are excellent receptacles for pits; a Wordless Not-Wednesday post;


Grilled Chicken and Herbs
Cherry Sauce
Sour Cherry Sauce for Grilled Chicken
Oven-roasted Smashed Potatoes and Asparagus
cherry chicken

Sour cherries are very popular in Iran, where they are eaten fresh or made into juice, jam, fruit tarts, and even layered into rice dishes. While you can sometimes find whole frozen sour cherries, or even very tart Iranian ones that need rehydrating in water in some Middle Eastern stores, […] I recommend using the packets of dried sour cherries (sometimes labeled Morello cherries) that are sold in larger supermarkets or health food shops, and are often lightly sweetened with fruit juice.
– Yasmin Khan, The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen

A couple of years ago, we got dried sour cherries at the supermarket, “Super Tehran” on the north end of the city. (Read a little more about Super Tehran.) We would have used them to make the cherry chicken, but there were stunningly beautiful, freshly picked sour red cherries at our local farmers’ market. We had to try drying them ourselves!

Dried Sour Red Cherries
sour red cherries
Put washed, stemmed cherries on a parchment covered cookie sheet,
making sure to keep them separate.
dried sour red cherries
Put them in the oven at the lowest setting (for us it is 170F).

It takes about 8 hours to dry the cherries. We made an error and left them in a little longer (then forgot they were there…), pulling them out after about 10 hours. They are intensely cherry-like, and surprisingly sweet in a tart sort of way.

Oven-dried Sour Red Cherries


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