Wordless Not-Wednesday: Still?? Again?!

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Easter 2021

summary: yes, that’s right, we’re still staying at home; spring has sprung; avocado is sprouting its first leaves; the forsythia is just about bloom; comfort food; hoping for normalcy one day in the near future; Happy Easter!

What Ontario residents have been fearing was indeed confirmed this afternoon: The province is pulling the emergency brake and going into a full shutdown for four weeks, starting this weekend.
– Becky Robertson, BlogTO, 2 April 2021
As COVID-19 cases continue to rise at an alarming rate, a provincewide shutdown is in effect as of Saturday, April 3, at 12:01 a.m. […] Starting April 3, the COVID-19covid 19 Response Framework (colour-coded zones) is paused.
– Province of Ontario, COVID-19 | Provincewide shutdown, 3 April 2021

Once again this year, just as we did last year, in keeping with staying at home but still celebrating, we’re having cinnamon buns with boiled eggs (and bacon, of course there will be bacon) for breakfast and roasting a small chicken for dinner. Just the two of us. …and the furry black fiend. Even though he is attempting to sneak by us to maim our avocado plant that has just sprouted its first leaves.

new avocado plant
(The little stick on the right WAS another avocado plant.
The creature bit off the top just as it started budding.)

This afternoon, we’ll go for a bike ride. Then, tomorrow, to celebrate Easter Monday, we’ll go on another bike ride, taking sandwiches to a park for a physically distanced picnic with my sister.

Keep Washing Your Hands! Stay Well!
And here’s to normal circumstances returning
some day…

* :-) O :-) Happy Easter! O :-) O * *




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2 responses to “Wordless Not-Wednesday: Still?? Again?!

  1. barbara

    Did you make those Easter Eggs? They’re beautiful! (The shells, anyway. Urgh.)

    edit 8 April 2021, 07:57: As if!! No, Barbara, I drew them because I was too lazy to actually paint eggs. And, I completely agree with you about the inside. Ewwwwww!! That yolk looks way too soft. (On Easter morning, I had a hard-boiled un-dyed egg, and T had loose scrambled eggs with cheese {brrr}. We garnished our eggs with chives from the garden.) – Elizabeth

  2. barbara

    Even more impressive that you drew them! The spoon is especially amazing.

    edit 9 April 2021, 17:12: Thanks, Barbara! I admit I was quite pleased with the spoon (even though it is on the small side – if I LIKED soft-boiled eggs, I’m not sure I’d want to eat it with such a little spoon. :lalala: ) – Elizabeth


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