Virtually Wordless Not-Wednesday: Brioche(ish) Stars

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Festive Bread
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Star Bread

summary: why I was late posting about BBB December 2018 baked currant doughnuts; variation on BBB Brioche Stars to be sold at annual fundraising bakesale for the HSO‘s Christmas concert; omitting the butter and the eggs and instead using Mum’s Sandwich bread with added cardamom; home-made prune jam with cinnamon and vanilla; a mostly Wordless Not-Wednesday post

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Bread ingredients:
unbleached all-purpose flour, 100% whole-wheat flour, wheat germ, water, powdered milk, sunflower oil, sugar, cardamom, kosher salt, yeast
Festive Bread
⇑ Prune Jam Filling ⇑
Filling ingredients: prunes, water, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla
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⇓ PC Choice Pure Apricot Jam Filling ⇓
Filling ingredients: Apricots, sugar, glucose, citric acid, pectin, ascorbic acid, malic acid
Festive Bread
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I WAS going to make three of these stars initially and then, as I was dividing the dough, suddenly found myself turning it into four.

As I was laboriously rolling out the layers for the second star, I was cursing myself. But I had made the prune jam especially for the filling – using up the last few drops of the wonderful vanilla that our brilliant neighbour gave to us for a previous Christmas. So of course, I was determined to use all the prune jam!

Then, I was REALLY cursing myself when I got to rolling out the dough for the fourth brioche star: I’d run out of prune jam on the last layer of the third star. Luckily, we had just the right amount of commercially-made apricot jam in the fridge….

For the final apricot version, I confess I was tired: I only rolled out three layers…. As I was twisting the sections, it didn’t seem to make any difference to the final shape at all!


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1 response to “Virtually Wordless Not-Wednesday: Brioche(ish) Stars

  1. Tanna

    I’ve done things like this. It does bring into question one’s sanity but gosh it’s incredible when you can say you’ve done it.

    edit: Thank you, Tanna! And it does indeed produce the question; it seemed like such a good idea when I volunteered myself for what I imagined would be such a simple task. I suspect that if I had kept to the original 3 instead of stretching the dough to make 4, things would have been considerably easier. (I had to let each of those discs rest and relax several times to be able to stretch them out to make the circles large enough.) -Elizabeth


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