Bach Chorale BWV 190 New Year’s Day

Bach Chorale BWV 190 New Year's Day

BWV 190 was first performed on 1 January 1724

The chorale is scored for trumpets, strings, SATB choir, and timpani.

Dein Segen zu uns wende,
Gib Fried an allem Ende;
Gib unverfälscht im Lande
Dein seligmachend Wort.
Die Heuchler mach zuschanden
Hier und an allem Ort.
[Turn Your blessing upon us,
Give peace to every outcome,
Grant, uncorrupted, to our land,
Your sanctifying word.
Put the hypocrite to shame
Here and in every place!
Melody: Jesu, nun sei gepreiset, Wittenberg 1591 (Zahn 8477a); Text: Jesu, nun sei gepreiset (verse 2), by Johannes Herman (1593); English Translation: Pamela Dellal