Wordless Not-Wednesday: New Summer Crop


New Potatoes
New Summer Crop

summary: New Summer Crop; since when do potatoes have glutens OR fat? Really?? Way to jump on an old band-wagon, Downey Farms! …a Wordless Not-Wednesday post

:stomp: And they’re “chef-approved”! :stomp:




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3 responses to “Wordless Not-Wednesday: New Summer Crop


    Chef approved AND gluten free! And fat free! What could be better than that?

    edit 22 August 2020, 13:17: I know! But T is a little concerned about the lack of glutens, so he is planning on coating the potatoes with flour before cooking them. -Elizabeth

  2. barbara

    There was a package of fat-free lettuce in the store once, but it turned out it also contained some … ew ew ew … fat-free vinaigrette.

    I can’t imagine any justification for putting “gluten-free” on potatoes.

    edit 22 August 2020, 13:18: I don’t think there is any justification for it, Barbara. Unless there is a vague possibility that potatoes might be packaged in the same place as flour.
    But we have a new concern. The package clearly says “
    Fry Mash OR Boil“. We were wanting to oven-roast some of them for tonight’s dinner. What to do! What to do!!

    1. barbara

      Well, clearly you can’t oven-roast them. I hope you changed your minds! Although maybe if you put enough oil in the roasting pan, you could claim it was “frying” when (not if, mind) when you get caught by the Potato Police.

      edit 25 August 2020, 12:30: Oh oh!! I’m afraid we went ahead and oven-roasted them, drizzling them with only a little bit of olive oil so we can’t really say we were frying them. And we didn’t do this just once. The potatoes were so delicious that we had them this way two nights in a row! We might even have oven-roasted potatoes again in our salad with blue cheese dressing tonight…. (Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone) – Elizabeth
      P.S. I’m a little surprised that the potato bag doesn’t say they are dairy-free too. How are the lactose intolerant going to know it’s safe to eat those potatoes?!


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