Wordless Not-Wednesday: Why is it laughing?!

Sourdough September

Tartine Scoring Experiment
Tartine Scoring Experiment
:stomp: :stomp:
Tartine Scoring Experiment
:!: :?: :!: :!:

summary: scoring experimentation continues; the bread is laughing at me; even inside, it’s laughing; we’re getting the last laugh though – the bread was delicious; a Sourdough September and Wordless Not-Wednesday post

Tartine Scoring Experiment

» Jane Mason whole wheat starter
» Tartine variation

It’s Sourdough September

It's Sourdough September

This post is to “share the delicious delights of genuine sourdough”, “encourage more people to bake genuine sourdough”, and “help people to say no to sourfaux and avoid paying a premium for something that simply isn’t the real deal”.

Who cares if the bread is a little lop-sided and laughing? Perhaps it is laughing with me rather than at me….

I will once again comfort myself with the following wise words:

Rather than strive for Instagram ideal, let yourself be carried away by the flavour.
– James Morton, Understanding Dough, Super Sourdough

Wild thing, you make my loaf spring
Since 2013, the ninth month of the year is when the Real Bread Campaign goes on a mission to help everyone discover that: life’s sweeter with sourdough!
The aims of #SourdoughSeptember are to:
    ▪ Share the delicious delights of genuine sourdough
    ▪ Encourage more people to bake genuine sourdough
    ▪ Celebrate the small, independent bakeries that bake genuine sourdough
    ▪ Help people to say no to sourfaux and avoid paying a premium for something that simply isn’t the real deal
In 2020, a special focus is helping more people to discover that a sourdough starter is a gateway to every type of bread on the planet. This year we’ve welcomed many #LockdownLoafers around the world starting (or resuming) love affairs with sourdough bread, some baking or buying it for the first time.
– Real Bread Campaign, Sustainweb.org | Sourdough September


I thought I was getting better at scoring. I really did…. :lalala:



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