Wordless Wednesday: 1,000,000,000 for 1,000,000,000 (21/10/2009)

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summary: a billion for a billion: fill the cup; addendum to Blog Action: Climate Change; information about WFP to make this a not quite wordless Wednesday post;

Please see WFP’s video A Billion for a BillionFor the first time in human history,
the number of hungry people worldwide will exceed one billion this year…

There are also a billion online users today (including you) able to help like never before! Let’s make a difference!

Do Something

red cup Fill the cup!

Kind of makes you speechless, doesn’t it?

Allow me to reiterate: if each of the billion online donates 25¢ (that’s just one quarter!!), the billion chronically hungry can be fed. Imagine what a whole dollar from each person online could do to feed the hungry!

Chances are that because you are reading this, you have an extra quarter lying around. Maybe even an extra dollar. Hey, maybe even an extra $25.

Chances are too that you are thinking, “But I’m really strapped right now and I can’t really spare anything.” And chances are that you are trying to decide whether to take a bag lunch to work instead of going out with the gang so that you can swing going to the movies on the weekend. Because that’s the climate we live in, isn’t it?

Let’s change the climate. Please do what you can now to alleviate world hunger. Better late than never.

fill the cup

The online billion – (that’s you, by the way) – has to step up and help the hungry billion… How? By spreading the word, and by making people think…

We need you to make the edgiest, most provocative videos about hunger. Whatever it takes to make people think, and to change attitudes. […]

We encourage absolutely everyone to submit their videos. Amateurs, professionals, students, teachers, parents… anyone who thinks they could blow our minds with their videos!

There are no age limits this year, because there are no age limits to hunger! The only limitation is the length of your video. Your video should be 30–60 seconds long.

– WFP, International Video Competition (wfp.org/hungerbytes)

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(Please note that I have turned off the comments for this post. If you have something to add or say about stopping world hunger, please post your thoughts and ideas about it on your blog, on facebook, at work, etc. etc.)

wordless 21/10/2009