Yay!! It’s Boxing Day!

summary: Favourite Days; A reminder to share the bounty;

pick up sticks © ejm2012 I love Boxing Day. Almost more than Christmas. There is no stress at all on Boxing Day. It’s strictly for relaxing.

Depending on the weather, after lounging over breakfast, we might go for a bike ride in the afternoon. Or play a few rounds of pick up sticks. Or curl up on the chesterfield to read a book while stock is gently simmering on the stove.

And when it’s time for lunch or dinner, we wander into the kitchen and raid the icebox. There are always so many fabulous leftovers from the nights before. The Christmas tablecloth is always still on the table and it’s a simple task to haphazardly place a few knives and forks at each place setting – there’s no need for the formality (as fun as it was) of the night before.

Mmmmmmm… leftovers….

Boxing Day dinner is ALWAYS leftovers from Christmas Eve and Day.

ice cream © ejm2010

Ah yes!!! Little samples of all the Christmasses and Boxing Days Past placed on each plate to savour.

But alas, everyone is not so fortunate. Their fridge shelves aren’t loaded to capacity. They don’t look forward to carrying their cup of coffee or glass of wine and wandering from present-filled room to their computer to chat with distant friends.

Their presence in increasingly large numbers reminds us what Boxing Day should be about; those of us who are more fortunate can use some of our leisure time to harken back to the past: to box up things for the poor and needy to give them out on the day after Christmas. Not necessarily literally. Please do a little virtual boxing up of things. Make a donation to help feed the truly hungry to try to even things out. Be generous.

Please help feed the hungry and make it a truly happy Boxing Day!

There are many reputable aid agencies working to help feed the chronically hungry worldwide. Here are just a few of them to help you to help others. Please look in your community for others.


(If you have something to add or say about stopping world hunger, please remember to post your thoughts and ideas on your blog, facebook, at work, etc. etc.)