Yay! Lawn Sale Season Has Begun

summary: new tea cup; spring at last; (click on image(s) for larger views and more photos)

teacup A while back, I was droning on about how much I adore our spider tea cup. But I’m always just a little nervous to use it as an every day cup. So, when I saw this cup for sale at the annual outdoor sale at one of the local churches, I had to get it.

It has everything I love. Except the colour… I admit that I’m not wild about the colour. But the bird of paradise and all the six-legged crawling and flying creatures in the design definitely trump the colour.

I don’t know what it is about the bugs in the design that are so attractive. But they are!

This cup is perfect for morning tea.

I hope the bugs on the cup are the only bugs I see out on the front porch….


It was a glorious morning. The trees were suddenly covered in blossoms and brilliant green – that short-lived wonderful almost transluscent chartreuse colour. I’ve never much liked the colour for clothing or walls but it’s so stunningly beautiful in something living.

It was still early(ish) and we jumped on our bikes to go for a ride through the neighbourhood to get something fun for breakfast on the porch. In a church parking lot not far from our house, people were contentedly milling around long tables arranging small appliances, glassware and china. How could we not stop?

At one end of one of the tables were about twenty china cups and saucers. Most were the usual ordinary cup shape, covered in hand-painted flowers. But there in the center was a shallow bowled cup – the style of cup I love – a white cup covered in fine maalox pink lines. I looked more closely:

Birds!! Bird of Paradise!! Oooooh and look! A little moth! And a sandfly!

teacup I picked up the cup to check its balance. Perfect. The perfectly coiffed elderly lady behind the table said, “They don’t make cups like this any more.”

I agreed and said that tea just tastes better in a real cup. And bought the cup; I paid and she said, “Enjoy your tea!” Then as we headed back to our bikes, someone else drifted over to the teacup area and I heard the lady say again, “They don’t make cups like this any more.”

One source, thepotteries.org says that this stamp style indicates that this particular Coalport ‘Cairo’ cup was made sometime between 1920 and 1951. But an online seller of a similar cup (calling the colour rose, rather than maalox pink) says it’s from the 1960s. Because of weight of the china and the sparse painting on the outside of the cup, I’m inclined to think later rather than earlier, so am guessing 1950.



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