[Yellow Tail] shiraz

How is it that so many people have been duped by the Australian [Yellow Tail] shiraz? Sure, it’s okay as a sipping wine. And it has a really cool label. But it has no depth to speak of, not nearly enough acid balance. It gets completely lost as soon as food is introduced.

I first tasted it at a reception. One of my friends squealed with delight when she saw that it was being offered. As I recall, her words were “I LOVE YellowTail. It’s fantastic!” Even though I was the designated driver, I tried a sip and agreed that it was quite delightful – jammy and big – the way that so many Australian wines are. A few days later, I bought a bottle – the LCBO employee said that they could hardly keep it on the shelves. And we tried it with dinner. Suddenly, the big jamminess turned to cloying sweetness. Not quite the thing one wants with grilled pork chops….

A few weeks ago, friends brought a bottle over, saying it was their favourite. Obviously, we couldn’t sneer and graciously accepted the offering. We had already opened wine for that particular dinner so set the YellowTail aside for another day.

We opened it the other night, hoping we had been wrong before. But no. It was just as flacid as we remembered. Goodness, how sad.

Or is it just us??

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