Yippee!! My favourite!!!

It’s definitely winter now. Snow on the ground and the roads. Wind whistling through the cracks in this old house. We thought that we would have kidney bean soup and corn bread for dinner tonight. The perfect thing for a winter night. There was some wonderful chicken stock in the freezer to make the soup.

While the soup was simmering gently, we went for a walk through the snowy neighbourhood, which is beginning to look very festive with lights and coloured ribbons and shiny bells hanging from trees and houses. We admired the decorations and congratulated ourselves that we can relax a little because we have finished our Christmas shopping. We chatted about the upcoming Christmas Eve feast and that I would have to get cracking on baking the various breads that are necessary for all our Christmas feasts. (Let’s see now… Molasses Fennel Rye, Raisin Bread, Sandwich bread, Rustic Couronne… eeek! Have I allotted enough time??)

As then in a sudden change of direction, as we headed towards the high street to get double smoked sausage to add to the soup, we switched. We’re now going to have our version of skyliner chili – 5 way. I adore this dish!! We use spaghettini and grated medium cheddar and always serve steamed broccoli on the side.

Some of the soup will still be soup, of course. But some has been transformed into chili. Oooh I can’t wait!! Is it time for dinner yet?

Rats!! We forgot to get ginger while we were at the vegetable store. I was going to make ginger shortbread stars tomorrow morning! Hmmm, maybe there is enough from the small piece of ginger that is in the fridge now.

I’m also trying to decide if I should or shouldn’t make linzer torte this year. What do you think? Is it necessary or will there already be enough fun things to eat?