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So you want to put a Webster's Online Dictionary search box on your page

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Webster's Online Dictionary
with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation

English Non-English

I'm a big fan of the several dictionaries on our shelves but the Webster's Online Dictionary is so wonderful that I've added it to the top of this page.

XHTML (1.0 Transitional) coding for Webster's Online Dictionary search box:
<form action=""
method="post" id="websters"
title=""  onclick="'_blank';" 
style="background:#006; color:#fff;
width:25% !important;
border:2px outset #006; margin: auto;
font:0.8em Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;>

<div style="background:#f3f7fa; color:#003;padding-bottom:4px;">
<strong>Webster's Online Dictionary</strong><br />
<small>with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation</small>

<div style="padding:4px 0 1px 0;background:#f3f7fa; color:#003;">
<label for="dict"><input name="s" id="dict" size="20" /></label>
<input type="submit" value="Search" style="background:#f3f7fa; color:#003;
border:2px outset #003;
padding:1px 6px;" title=""
onmouseover="setAttribute('title', this.title + ' \(search opens in a new window\)');"
onmouseout="setAttribute('title', '');" />
<br style="display:none" /></div>

<div style="background:#f3f7fa; color:#003;
font-family:georgia, serif;
padding:0 25px;">
<input type="radio" name="R1" checked="checked" value="en"  /><b>English</b>
<input type="radio" name="R1" value="all"  />Non-English

(More versions of the HTML coding for Webster's Online Dictionary search box are on the phpBB discussions post entitled "How to put a Webster's Online Dictionary box on your site".)


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