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This photo was taken with a digital camera by my brother-in-law. Of course I look MUCH better than this. (I hate mirrors, don't you?)

Since we got our first computer in November 1995, I have blundered my way around; I have learned how to make animated gifs and am gradually, by trial and error, figuring out how to fill in the blanks in html. (I was beginning to feel comfortable... just as someone introduced something called style sheets... brrrrr!! And Heaven help me if php suddenly becomes available to me!)

We love to travel and have discovered the wonders of touring on our bicycles. Each time we have taken a trip, I have scrawled voluminous diaries in increasingly bulging notebooks. It is taking me ages to transcribe them and any photos we took onto the computer. Unfortunately when we upgraded from Win95 to Win2K, the perfectly good scanner we have is suddenly not compatible and has become a desk ornament... isn't planned obsolescence wonderful?

We adore good food and get great pleasure from dining outdoors in our garden. We have gathered together a rather extensive collection of recipes and altered them to make them our own. To enhance our dining, I have planted many herbs and edible flowers and in spite of the odds (my black thumb), the garden thrives.

The www is full of the most amazing and wonderful things. I have put together a list of links that I particularly like. And there are separate pages for food related links, breadmaking links and gardening related links.

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