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make an angel decoration out of yarn

We just made angel ornaments. (please scroll down to see our masterpieces) We saw some like them on a tree and reconstructed them from memory. The ones we saw were white. The angel in the diagram is blue (what colour are angels, anyway??) because it shows up against the background.

Possible Materials:

construction paper
old Christmas card
tiny beads
shiny stars
thin gold wire
embroidery thread
     make an angel ornament out of yarn (gif ©ejm2000)

1.) Wind some yarn around your hand or a card.

2.) Tie the yarn with another piece of yarn near one end and a little bit below to form the angel's head and a little bit below to form the angel's torso.

3.) Separate 4 or five strands on either side for arms. Knot at the bottom of each arm to make hands. (You'll have to cut the arms down so that the angel doesn't look like a gorilla.)

4.) Cut the loops open at top and bottom.

5.) Put eyes and mouth on.

6.) Tie a large bow with fancy ribbon. This will be the wings. Make a book from construction paper or part of an old Christmas card. Attach to appropriate parts of angel.

7.) Add some glitter somewhere (book? angel? wings?). Attach halo and loop some embroidery thread (or yarn through the head so the angel will hang.

Here are the angels we made. We used string because we didn't have any yarn in the house. Please hit each small angel to see enlargements.
E's angel:E's second angel:T's angel:
Es angel made from string ©ejm2000Es angel made from string ©ejm2000T's angel made from twine ©tph2000

Obviously, the angel(s) you make can be as fancy or plain as you want!

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