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make a house decoration out of a Christmas card

Christmas card and beads etc (png ©ejm1999/2020)


make a house ornament out of a Christmas card (png ©ejm2020) Materials:

Christmas card
utility knife (razor)
white glue
coloured felt pens (red, green)
tiny beads (optional)
shiny stars (sticky)
embroidery thread

pattern (click on image to download printable pdf)
make a house ornament out of a Christmas card (©ejm1999/2020)

1.) Draw the house on the back of the picture side of the Christmas card you have chosen. On a part of unused card, draw the tree. The black lines are the cutting lines. The dotted lines are fold lines.

make a house ornament out of a Christmas card (png ©ejm2020)

2.) Using an exacto-knife, cut out the windows. With coloured felt pen, outline the doors and windows on the outside of the card. Colour the doors in a contrasting colour. Cut the house out.

3.) Cut the tree out. With a felt pen, colour the tree green on all sides.

4.) Score all of the fold lines to make it easier to put the house together. Then, using a single strand of embroidery thread, sew beads to the outside of the house so they look like Christmas lights. Using a red felt pen, colour the chimney on the outside of the card. Using a green felt pen, colour the roof on the outside of the card. Sign and date the bottom of the house.

5.) Glue the chimney together. Using a needle and 5 strands of brightly coloured embroidery thread, go through the middle of the roof. Knot the thread at the top so the house can be hung from a branch of your Christmas tree.

6.) Put the tree together by sliding the top onto the bottom. Fold the bottom edges at right angles. Stick a star at the top of the tree. Stick the other star on the opposite side of the first star. (See diagram... the x between tree images b and c is the view from above.) Glue the tree to the brown "x" on the inside of the floor of the house.

These trees (that can be any size) are good ornaments on their own. Use old Christmas cards, or stiff Christmas catalogue paper of photographed Christmas trees.

7.) Glue the rest of the house together, starting with the walls, then the roof and finally the floor. Leave to dry for 24 hours before hanging.

front, back and side views of a house ornament out of a Christmas card (©ejm1999/2020)

various Christmas card house ornaments from 1995-2005
(Two of the little houses and the snowman are wooden ornaments from a now-closed shop)

various Christmas card house ornaments from 1995-2005 (©ejm2020)

Obviously, this house can be as fancy or plain as you want!

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