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make a Snowman Christmas Decoration


empty toilet paper roll
white glue
stiff paper
black felt pen
white pipe cleaners
small branch
tiny holly decoration (optional)
thread and needle
coloured ribbon
make a snowman ornament (gif ©ejm2000)

1.) Write your name and the date inside the toilet paper roll. Then, using the top of the toilet paper roll as a template, trace a circle onto some stiff paper. Draw a larger circle around the circle. Colour this piece of paper black.

2.) Cut out the circles. You should have a small circle and a larger doughnut shaped circle. This will be the snowman's top hat.

3.) Push the doughnut shaped piece onto the end of the toilet paper roll and push down until the snowman has a reasonable crown on his hat.

4.) Sew a knotted thread through the middle of the smaller circle. Glue the smaller circle to the top of the snowman's hat so that the thread sticks out the top. (This is for hanging the snowman on the tree). Colour the crown of the hat with black felt pen.

5.) Glue beads for eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

6.) Tie the ribbon around the snowman's neck to look like a scarf.

7.) Wrap the pipecleaner around the snowman just below the scarf. This will be the snowman's arms. Twist the little branch onto one end of the pipecleaner. Glue the little holly decoration to the brim of the snowman's hat.

snowman Christmas decoration (gif ©ejm2000)

Obviously, this snowman can be as fancy or plain as you want!

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