October 1998

We're ba-aa-aaaa-aaaaack!! Actually we've been back for a week now. It seems like forever since we rode through the streets of Paris, frantically searching for a store that actually sold eau-de-vie/poire William (our nightly vice that is horrifyingly expensive in Canada but not terribly so in France) and after finding one, desperately searching for another that would accept our last 500FF note that was a little crumpled and had some black on it so was deemed to be possibly counterfeit by an overzealous clerk and a rotten fake bank. Being certain that it wasn't counterfeit, we finally went into a wine store instead of a supermarket (they're so civilized in France; one can buy good, reasonably priced wine on a supermarket shelf) and grabbed our slightly more expensive precious eau-de-vie, fobbed our nasty note off on the man who looked at the note carefully and then shrugged and put it in his cash drawer. Then, accompanied half way by wailing police sirens from several cars and vans filled with men carrying billy clubs, (Yikes!!! We saw on the news that night mobs of Parisian students being pushed back by those selfsame men) we tore through the streets of Paris to the train station to catch our plane (9½ hours of being jammed like sardines into a plane I wouldn't send someone for even one hour) back to Canada.

ejm, Toronto Ontario Canada
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