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              ,^%---  ha
          _._<   \ ha  No... really!
          \ __>,^      We have had 
         -.`\/-        wonderful 
       ( * )~\( * )    traveling 
  ejm   `-   ~ `-      experiences.

Just before we went to India in 1989, my colleague Stanley Solomon handed me a little notebook. He wisely advised me to write small notes in it every day and especially to record the photos that we took because otherwise we would forget our great adventure. I am ever grateful to him for this incredibly kind gesture.
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We have indeed forgotten many aspects of our trips but because of Stanley's sage advice, we can now look back into my notes for reminders and have our trips flood back to us in vivid detail. Consequently, each time we have taken a trip, I have scrawled voluminous diaries in increasingly bulging notebooks. It is taking me ages to transcribe them to the computer but I have started the tedious (for me and not you, I hope) process. And eventually, we will scan more of the many photos we took before 1998....

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