login name changes

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login name changes

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Because I didn't know that I could simply change my login name, a while back I created another login for myself. Not wanting anyone to think that I'm schizophrenic or that I'm trying to make it look like there are more people here, I have now changed the original login name "llizard" to reflect that I am both of those users. As any login name changes are made, I'll list them here:

login name changes
<table cellpadding="5" border="1" width="50%"><tr><th>Current Name</th><th>Former Name</th><th>AKA</th></tr>
<tr><td>llizard (aka ejm)</td><td>llizard</td><td>+ ejm</td></tr>
<tr><td>Barbara</td><td>blm</td><td>+ </td></tr>
<tr><td>Mats</td><td>MEF</td><td>+ </td></tr>

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