thanks to EJM and happy new year to all

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thanks to EJM and happy new year to all

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Thank you, EJM for your entertaining blog and this forum. All the best to everyone in 2009.
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I second the motion. This by far my favourite forum. It's so nice to mix with such a pleasant bunch of folk.
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Thanks ejm

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Thank you ejm - you run an A+ forum!
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Thanks go to all of you! There wouldn't be a forum without you.

Happy New Year! :*1: :hohoho: :jump: :hohoho: :*3: :*4: :*2: :*5:

(Hey!!! How is it that the weather forecasters were right when they projected snowfall for last night?!! ...I wonder if they get bonuses for actually managing correct predictions on their paychecks. :lalala:)

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