No more Daylight Saving please

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Should Daylight Saving be abolished?

Yes, it's ludicrous to spring back and fall forward (or is it the other way around?).
No, put the time on Daylight Saving permanently.
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No, changing all the clocks is fun and I wish it could happen more than twice a year.
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No more Daylight Saving please

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Our wonderful computer alarm clock (nice small program) must be hard-coded to change over to Daylight Saving at the OLD time. It's not registering the correct times yet.

Rrrrrr. I loathe Daylight Saving. Actually, what I really loathe is changing the time by an hour twice a year. (I dislike that it's suddenly much darker when I get up in the morning in spring; I dislike that it's suddenly much darker in the early evening in the fall.) The time change makes NO sense. I want to adjust to the changes in daylight hours gradually. Doesn't everyone? I find I'm having more difficulty adjusting to this arbitrary time change than I do to time changes when I travel. (Is it because I haven't travelled? Or is it just because I'm being reactionary?)

Does anyone actually like Daylight Saving or has anyone proven that there are energy savings when it is implemented? (Think of the amount of energy I've expended already just with complaining about daylight saving) Personally, I have not met one person who likes switching the time. Everyone I know just wants them to pick a time, any time and stick with it.
in my facebook profile (yes, I finally broke down and joined), I wrote:Elizabeth thinks the interest rates on Daylight Saving aren't good enough and has decided against opening an account this year.
I particularly like the following comment that my attempt at refusing to go on Daylight Saving generated:

"I have an excellent idea that will satisfy everyone. Let's move the clocks back half an hour and then leave them be."

So? Who do we contact to get stop Daylight Saving? In our letters, do we have to include copies to all world leaders? (Care of the UN???) Or will it suffice to write only to the PM and the US president?

I know. It seems like such a small and insignificant thing for world leaders to be wasting energy on. But there must be a way to stop it.

I googled to see what studies have been made and came across the following:
On, Frédéric Beauregard-Tellier, Economics Division wrote:U.S. legislators who first proposed the DST extension argued that doing so would help further conserve energy. To back their claim, they cite figures drawn from a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) study from 1975 which tentatively concluded that the application of daylight saving time might result in electricity savings of 1% in March and April [...] The study’s general conclusion was that extending DST into March could be expected to yield only "modest" overall benefits in the areas of energy conservation, traffic safety and crime prevention. [...] [T]he study failed to consider the net energy impact of extending DST into March [and] that any reduction in residential electricity use could be offset by an increase in travel demand, and thus an increase in gasoline use, stemming from more evening daylight. [...] A few other studies have examined the impact of extending DST on electricity consumption. [...] They concluded that doing so would "probably save marginal amounts of electricity" overall but could cut peak electricity use by shifting some electricity consumption from the high-demand evening hours to lower-demand – and, incidentally, cheaper – morning hours.

Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator likewise anticipates that extending DST into March would likely yield only a small reduction in province wide electricity consumption since, in Ontario, the sun would have set by the time most people get home, even with DST.(5) Extending DST by four weeks would have little impact in terms of relieving pressure on Ontario's electricity grid, as demand for electricity in Ontario now peaks in the hot summer months, while demand is relatively muted in the spring and fall.


Extending DST by four weeks is unlikely to significantly alter energy consumption patterns in [Canada]. Given the importance of north-south commercial ties, however, there is likely to be increasing pressure on the provinces and territories to follow the U.S. lead.
Read the whole report here: - Library of Parliament: Daylight Saving Time and Energy Conservation (29 July 2005)

Other pages about Daylight Saving: - 'Why daylight saving time is bad for the environment' by Catherine Porter (Mar 09, 2008) - Does daylight saving time save electricity? (5 December 2008) - End Day Light Saving Time (Too bad this one seems a little on the extreme side - take a look at the map showing proposed time zones)
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