rotten tomatoes rotten javascript ads

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rotten tomatoes rotten javascript ads

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I was trying to look at the Rotten Tomatoes site but no matter how quickly I hit "stop" I couldn't get away from the redirected ad that reloads over and over ad nauseum. Luckily, I remembered "disable javascript" Ah! That's better!!!

After disabling javascript, I went so far as to go looking for the script to see what sort of nightmarish reload coding they had put there but then I came to my senses.

While I was googling to see if anyone else was disturbed by this, I came across this lovely rant:
sstrader wrote:25 June 2008 [...] Websites, stop putting your copious JavaScript ad embeds at the top of the page so that delays in the crappy ad site stops the page from loading. You want me to not use adblock when I look at your content? Well, stop having your ads block the content.

excerpt from It's rant time again
Is that true? This kind of ad has survived for this long?! What would possess anyone to think it's a good idea? Do they really imagine that anyone even looks at the ad? Surely they know that the only things that are happening are one of the following:

a.) Frenzied pressings of "skip this ad".
b.) Frenzied pressings of "stop".
c.) Opening the page in a tab and going to another tab until the ridiculous reloading, redirecting ads finally finish
d.) Closing the page forever, never to return.

I realize that advertising is a necessary evil. After all, there is not free lunch. But get real!!!
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