isn't it supposed to be getting simpler?

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isn't it supposed to be getting simpler?

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We bought a new TV recently. We like everything about it EXCEPT that we now have three remote control devices to deal with: one for the TV, one for the DVD player and one for the cable company. We used to have only one remote control device that could be used for the TV, the VCR (our VCR packed it in right around the same time as the TV), the DVD player, and the cable company.

Does this make sense? Why can't we use our universal remote control clicker anymore?! I had FINALLY learned which of the buttons to press on it... (someone cleverly reprogrammed it to fit his hand so that the "mute" button changed the channel, the "next channel" button was the "on/off" button for the VCR, the... well, you get the picture). How can I be expected to know which buttons to press AND in what order to use the various clickers? Because apparently it matters.

Last night, because I couldn't find which one of our three remote control clickers to use, I was forced to (eeeeeeek!!!) get up and switch the TV off manually. :ohoh: I'm still exhausted from all that extra exercise! :stomp:

I may have to resort to reading books....
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I know exactly how you feel. Every time I want to change the channel I'm faced with a basket containing remote controls for the TV, DVD player, surround sound, projector, VCR (gathering dust) and satellite receiver. We also have a universal remote control but nobody uses it because it can't access things like "favourites" lists or subtitles or contrast/brightness.

200+ channels and nothing to watch.
Groucho Marx wrote:I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.
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What we need is voice controlled TVs etc.

Although im sure your already thinking of the problems this might cause.

We can rewind and puase live TV, I cant wait for a gadget that can fast forward the adverts on live TV.