Supersize Me

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What did you think of Supersize Me?

Sobering: I'll never eat junk food again
Liked the movie okay but it won't make any difference because I don't eat junk food anyhoo.
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Supersize Me

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Saw the movie Supersize Me last evening. Enough to put one off junk food forever!

Not much of a spoiler:
Spoiler (highlight to read):
In the DVD version it's worth looking at the extra feature called "smoking fries"
Hey, llizard it's nifty the way you have created a spoiler button. Very easy to use. :bravo:
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Re: Supersize Me

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Yes, "Supersize Me" was somewhat sobering. What amazed me was that the guy didn't seem to get really tired of the food after even one day. I hardly ever eat junkfood (mostly because I think it's really bad value) but on the occasions that I do, I'm already bored with it after a few bites. The flavours are not exactly complex....
Spoiler (highlight to read):
We rented the DVD as well. I liked the section in the special features that dealt with what happened to the French Fries if they were left on a counter for days on end. (Was that the "smoking fries" one? It's been a while since we saw the movie)

I also liked the interview with the fellow who eats Big Macs. I thought it was particularly funny when he looked a little horrified at the thought of eating fries with his Big Mac. I guess everyone has his cutoff point.
CAM wrote:Hey, llizard it's nifty the way you have created a spoiler button. Very easy to use. :bravo:
Thanks, CAM, I wish I could take credit for it. But I can't. I tried to do it on my own and then after many failures had to resort to stealing it from a friend. (Actually, she took pity on me and gave the coding to me.)