Facebook - any good??

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Re: Facebook - any good??

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ejm wrote:
MrsBrown wrote:Mostly what I do is play Wordscraper which is a knock-off of Scrabble. Occasionally, I'll post a picture but really, it's just to play games.
There are games?!

Then I definitely can't join Facebook. :stomp:

(I'm not allowed to play games on the computer.... :lalala: )
EJM, you could probably play wordscraper, because you have to wait until your game partner(s) take their turns which could be days. I haven't noticed too many games on facebook -- I'm sure they're there, but to play them you have to accept an "application" which one does before one plays the game. It's much easier to avoid games on facebook than it is on the internet generally (i.e. not hard).