My Dream job

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My Dream job

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I'd like to be a weather forecaster for the Weather Network please. wrote: Weather Forecast: Toronto, Ontario

Current Weather Updated: Thursday, March 12, 2009, 10:00 EDT - Pearson Airport:

-6C Partly Cloudy
We don't expect any precipitation from Thursday Afternoon to Friday Morning.

It's snowing... and has been snowing for about 30 minutes. I knew it was going to snow sometime today or tomorrow (must be last weekend's system from the west has arrived) DRAT!!! Why is it that I can be right about the weather but the weather forecasters cannot?! This snowfall was NOT predicted by the media (or at least not by any media that I heard). Nor was last night's horrible snowfall north of the city (it was supposed to be clear and cold last night) which made the drive back from a job particularly nasty - invisible road and white-out conditions at times.

I sure would love to have a weather forecaster's job. Imagine getting paid to be wrong 99% of the time.

(Congratulations to Environment Canada: "Current Conditions Observed at: Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport 10:23 AM EDT Thursday 12 March 2009: Light Snow -6.1C [...] Forecast Issued: 8.20 AM EDT Thursday 12 March 2009: Today: Cloudy with sunny periods. 70 percent chance of flurries this morning." )
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