Moving - like changing residence

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Moving - like changing residence

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I guess everyone knows that moving can be a bit of a pain. What is sort of funny is that, if you haven't done it for a while, you begin t think "Ah, it's not so bad"; wrong! Mrs MEF and I moved at the begining of the month. On the surface it sems like a one day affair. We moved from one 2 bedroom apartment to another only 4 km away. SO,what's the big deal? I think the main thing about moving is not hauling your stuff from one place to another; it is the fact that you are made to look at all the stuff you own and the way you have been arranging it for the last umpteen years and face the question: "Is this wise?" Much stuff can just be chucked because you haven't found any use for it and it's not likely you will. Then there is other stuff - like books. If you have realized that almost all of your collection is being stored by the Public Library, is it necessay for you to have a dupilcate collection? Still, even if there are about 12 cardboard boxes still unpacked after 22 days, getting to a much better place is worth the effort!

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We can really relate to this topic.. 38 boxes (cartons) from Singapore to Brisbane and then to Toowoomba by boat and then 43 on the return, two years later! Exactly... then all that MEF has highlighted.. wow.. do we, really need what we have.. and that has brought us to chuck out stuff, and almost two years later come December 28, we are still getting rid of what we thought would be or come in handy, ONE DAY! Thanks for allowing us to share this bit of memory from our trip, as we do miss the people and place of Toowoomba/Brisbane, QLD!
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I have lived in the same place for more than two decades. I can't imagine what it would be like to try to move! My spouse is a bit of a packrat.