registration and login problems?

Please post here if you are having login or registration problems. Reply to the applicable thread located here. Use the "various things" section for all other new discussions.
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registration and login problems?

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edit June 2014: This forum is now closed and remains as a read-only archive.

For those of you who are having login problems, please reply here with details. Before replying to this thread, the following should already have occurred:

<ol><li>You used a legitimate e-mail address when you registered.</li><li>You received the message from etherwork instructing you to activate your account and you activated it.</li><li>You remembered that your password is CAse-SensitivE.</li></ol>

If you have not received the email with instructions for activating your account, please make sure that you check your email spam box, just in case the email from has been automatically trashed.

Still having problems?? Reply to this thread, with the details of the problem you are having, by logging in with

name: tester
password: s i g h (without the spaces)