please read me

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please read me

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Anyone is able to read messages in my phpbb forum. Only registered users can post. Registered users can also edit and delete their own posts.

It is a simple matter to register. All that is required is your user name and an email address. If you choose to register, you must use a legitimate email address. The primary reason is that you must be able to receive the email giving instructions on how to enable your account. The secondary reason is that if you lose your password, I have no way to retrieve it. If you want your email address to remain hidden, please go into your profile and check the "no" button for the line marked "Always show my e-mail address:". Please note that I will not publish these addresses nor will I distribute them (I loathe and despise spam). But I strongly suggest that you use a special address just for online things. If you do not yet have such an address, there are several online companies that offer free email addresses -, Yahoo!, etc. etc.

Please do ask for features that you would like to see here. I might just say "get real" but there is no harm in asking. :jump:

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