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Here are our recipes for Cheese Fondue . Fondue Chinoise

Cheese Fondue



  1. In a bowl mix the shredded cheese and the cornstarch together.
  2. Rub the saucepan you're going to use to make the fondue with the garlic cloves. Add the wine and heat until small foamy bubbles appear.
  3. When the surface of the wine is almost covered with foam, but not boiling, begin to add the cheese cornstarch mixture a handful at a time. You must stir all the while. After each handful is melted, add another. Continue stirring and adding more cheese until all is incorporated. Make sure the heat is low enough. It is imperative that the fondue does not boil.
  4. Add the Kirsch and serve with cubed bread and tart apples.

N.B. If you're going to transfer the fondue into another pot before serving, make sure it's been nicely warmed in the oven.

This recipe serves 4. But if you are having a tête-a-tête dinner, divide the recipe in half. Light the room entirely with candles (but not in a Martha Stewart way - oh my no! that would never do!) and it is extremely romantic. We drink good Riesling with this but I suspect that it would also be delightful with a Champagne style wine.

recipe adapted from the Joy of Cooking by Irma S Rombauer & Marion Rombauer Becker

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Fondue Chinoise

(aka steamboat, shabu shabu)

or maybe you'd like to try Cheese Fondue!



  1. Make sauces and put in small bowls on table.
  2. Make rice.
  3. Chop the vegetables into bitesize pieces and arrange on platters.
  4. Heat up stock on stove with sherry etc. Put it over the fondue flame just when you will be sitting down to dine. Give each person at least 3 fondue forks, a spoon, a bowl or plate for rice. This dinner takes ages to consume and is really better with just two people (four at the most)

Serve this with plenty of hot rice. Each person dips pieces of meat and/or vegetable into the hot stock. (The chicken does look a bit disgusting - I put individual servings in small dishes and garnish each with a basil sprig.) When cooked to taste, pour a dipping sauce over whatever is on the fork. When all the meat is consumed, throw the Chinese cabbage into the stock to eat delicious bowls of soup. (We usually do this the next day because we are stuffed.) My sister's family likes to throw left over non-dairy sauces into the stock as well but we think this is excessive. Apparently one can use cubed tofu as well. I suppose that one could make a vegetable stock and have a vegetarian version if one wanted.

Dipping sauces

  1. grated fresh horseradish, tiniest bit of mayonnaise
  2. mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon juice
  3. red pepper sambal
  4. Soy sauce, sherry, ginger, garlic, toasted sesame seeds, green chilies, sesame oil, sugar, lemon juice
  5. Mango & Mint chutney
  6. Sour cream, dried onion soup mix, green onions
  7. Spicy Thai Salsa
  8. ??? something new ???

There you have it. Hope it's clear. I included our absolute favourite sauces. (I usually make 12 or 13 including a red currant sauce and another tomato & lime salsa.) It sounds like a lot of preparation (it is) but it's worth it. Light the room entirely with candles (but not in a Martha Stewart way - oh my no! that would never do!) and it is extremely romantic. We usually drink good red wine with this but it is also wonderful with a Champagne style wine.

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