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Christmas Goodies

ginger shortbread stars, ginger cookies, Vinarterta


I was fooling around with the camera and trying to capture the sunlight streaming in from the stained glass window.


Vínarterta <>8<> Cautionary Notes about the Filling <>8<> Vínarterta 2012

This year's vinarterta was the best ever.


we think it could be partly because of using homemade vanilla we received from our brilliant neighbours.


Ginger shortbread stars (more photos)

Ginger Shortbread

I got tired of punching out small stars so cut larger stars and punched the little stars out of the large stars to make them hollow. Then I HAD to use the tiny cookie cutters too. The tiny stars are perfect for people who want to taste the cookies but don't have much more room. (Remind me to use the tiny cutters to punch holes in the top crust of pastry for pie.)

Ginger Shortbread

Cheese Biscuits (more photos)

Cheese Biscuits

I love the triangle shape. I hope I remember to do that again!

Cheese Biscuits

Cherry Snowballs - shortbread made with ground almonds with dried cherries in the centers. I roll the hot cookies in granulated sugar to make them sparkle. I made two sizes this year: the larger snowballs have two cherries. After several taste-tests, we've decided that smaller with a single cherry works better. (more photos

Cherry Snowballs

Pezelli ginger cookies with ginger (ground and crystalized), cloves, cardamom and black pepper in them. Just before baking they are rolled in sugar and black pepper. (more photos)

Pezelli ginger cookies

Candied Meyer Lemon Peel (It's very easy to make candied peel)


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Merry Christmas!

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