Rice: chura (flattened rice) . fried . paella . Persian . risotto . red (with annatto) . Spanish . wild . with black-eyed peas . with corn . with lentils

Persian Rice: March 2009 . February 2012

Persian Rice (bottom of the rice)

Persian rice (June 2008)

Our recipe for this fabulous rice was submitted to appear in the BloggerAid 2009 cookbook that was released for sale November/December 2009. 100% of the profit for the cookbook will go towards the UN's World Food Program (WFP), specifically school meals.

Through this program, a meal is provided to children in schools where there are low attendance rates with a particular focus on schools where there is a significant lack of children attending, especially girls due to misinformation. The goal in poorer communities is to provide a hot, nutritious meal as an incentive for parents to send their children to school rather than keeping them at home working. An education is the best thing we can give our kids to break the cycle of hunger and poverty and for both boys and girls alike to become contributing members of society. - excerpt from BloggerAid: Children are our future
Persian rice (June 2008)

Tah Dig (bottom of the rice) - revised

February 2012

Persian rice (February 2012)

We suddenly realised that it would be much easier to make this rice if we prepared the two parts separately. We cooked the rice completely first and sprinkled it with saffron water.

Persian rice (February 2012)

Then we mixed some of the cooked rice with yoghurt and fried it until it was dark gold on the bottom.

Persian rice (February 2012)Persian rice (February 2012)
Persian rice (February 2012)

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We buy Spanish saffron in Indiatown, where the prices are not quite as exorbitant. Still, it is not cheap! As I recall, the last box (8x5x2cm) we bought cost $18 (remarkably, there is no weight mark on the box).

Saffron (June 2006)

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