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Apple Red Wine Pie

October 2012

We got the idea for this pie from the wonderful article "Home for the Holidays" by Roberta Corradin published in SAVEUR Magazine #134. We didn't follow the SAVEUR recipe for Torta di Sant'Antonio to the letter though. We housed the winey apples in a cheddar cheese pastry.

apple pie - October 2012

Reduce red wine. Stir reduced wine into sliced apples and throw in a little butter before putting the apple mixture into a prepared pastry shell.

apple pie - October 2012apple pie - October 2012
apple pie - October 2012

You can just make out the failed apple decoration I put on top of the crust. Next time, we'll slash the top of the pastry differently so the decoration has more of a chance to show.

apple pie - October 2012

Do you know where your mittens are?

oven mitts - January 2013
oven mitts - January 2013

Have you found your mittens? Then you shall have some pie! Add a little thinly sliced cheddar as an extra reward.

apple pie - October 2012

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