Apple Sauce

October 2011

I was staying with a friend one night last week and when I arrived, she had just finished making several batches of the reddest apple sauce I've ever seen. There were still a few apples left from her back yard tree and she insisted that I take some home. I certainly wasn't going to refuse. I wanted to make some of that apple sauce too!!

Apples and Apple Sauce - October 2011

In order to get the red colour, the skin has to stay on. But we don't have a foodmill so I improvised, using a Parmesan cheese grater and a wooden spatula. (Oh oh... there are a few tiny wood flakes in our applesauce. Afterwards, I had to sand the wooden spatula to make it smooth again....)

Apples and Apple Sauce - October 2011

Not very long after making applesauce with the above improvised foodmill, we got an actual stainless steel food mill. (Please see more photos of the foodmill.)

food mill

More Apples

October 2013

Our friend gave us some of her beautiful red apples again! Sure, they have a few surface blemishes, but those are really easy to cut away.

Apples - October 2013

The resulting apple sauce was as wonderful as ever.

Apples and Apple Sauce - October 2013

Apples aren't just for applesauce. Peeled apple slices fried in butter are delicious. They're great served with a chop or with latkes.

Apples and Apple Sauce - October 2013

to blog from OUR kitchen:
RED apple sauce ~ Fried apples - thank you Barbara! ~ Any apples in that basket?

Another friend gave us this beautiful tea cup to add to our collection (Please look at some other treasure cups.)

Apples and Teacup - October 2013


The only things holding our copy of Joy of Cooking together are the books on either side of it.

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