Barbecue Wok

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This cast metal wok with holes is the best! It's great for barbecuing vegetables, fish, and/or small pieces of meat. (We like barbecue woks so much that we own two of them.)

barbecue wok Aug2007

Vegetables in the Barbecue Wok: parboil potatoes til almost done and allow to cool. Put them in a bowl with sliced onions and quartered seeded peppers. Roughly chop rapini and toss all the vegetables with a generous amount of olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Green beans and whole garlic cloves are good additions too. Green beans require parboiling beforehand.)

vegetables in bowl Aug2007 vegetables in wok - Aug 2007

It's nice to put some of the peppers directly on the grill and transfer them to the wok after the other vegetables have reduced in size somewhat.

vegetables in wok - Aug 2007

Here are the vegetables after being "stir-fried" on the barbecue.

vegetables in wok - Aug 2007

When grilling chicken at the same time, place it on top of the vegetables to let juices run down into them.

vegetables in wok - Aug 2007

These vegetables are delicious hot off the barbecue or cold the next day. (scroll up or down for more photos)

vegetables on barbecue - Aug 2007

Buns are ideal with a barbecue dinner. We made lots so there would be plenty for sandwiches the next day. Here are the buns shaped and risen (pita bread that has been allowed to rise for about an hour after shaping); ready for the barbecue:

buns shaped and risen - Aug 2007

Place the buns directly on the grill over high heat and close the lid. They puff up in no time. (Take a look at some more photos.)

buns on barbecue - Aug 2007

buns on barbecue - Aug 2007

They're ready in no time!

buns on barbecue - Aug 2007

Both buns and vegetables that have been cooked on the barbecue not only taste fabulous but they are beautiful as well. Just look at those grill lines on the buns!!

barbecue dinner - Aug 2007

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